Cambridge University can end written examination
Cambridge University can end written examination

Cambridge University is considering on ending the tradition of anciently written examination which is of more than 800 years old.

The Cambridge University is taking this step due to the bad handwriting of students. The university is now in favor of conducting exams on laptops or i-pads. Cambridge University has now started consulting on this under its Digital Education Strategy. In the beginning of this year, a typing test scheme was initiated by the University.

Professor Dr. Sarah Piresle of Cambridge History Department has said that the writing among the current generation of students is becoming a 'lost art'. He told that the first students used to write regularly for a few hours by writing in a day, but now they do not write anything except the exams.

Just as the continuous circulation of laptop, i-pad, mobile devices is increasing, in the same way, due to the increasing dependence on these tools, there has also been a drop in the handwriting of the students. The use of laptops continues to be increasing among students to take notes of lectures and in such a way, the tradition of writing paper seems to get eliminated.


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