Can corona hurt the placenta in a pregnant woman?

May 25 2020 06:03 PM
Can corona hurt the placenta in a pregnant woman?

The American Journal of Clinical Pathology has released a study about 16 pregnant women. It is believed to be the biggest research which is related to the study of the placenta of pregnant women.

Researchers at Northwestern University in the US said how medical monitoring of pregnant women should be during the epidemic, most of whom were given full-term deliveries after normal pregnancies. After this research, there is no possibility of anything wrong in the placenta. But it is being speculated that the virus may hurt the placenta. This was said by Assistant Professor Jeffrey Goldstein of Northwestern University.

In his statement further, Goldstein said that, based on the data, the chances of getting negative results about the virus in living infants are less. But still they believe that women infected with corona virus should be monitored more closely. At the same time, Goldstein said how well the placenta is transporting oxygen. On that, the growth rate of healthy baby depends. Which is measured through ultrasound. Also, Miller believes that the children who were in the uterus during the epidemic. They have a short lifespan and a high rate of heart disease.

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