Canada reports 235 cases of monkeypox

OTTAWA: The Public Health Agency of Canada announced on Monday that a total of 235 cases of monkeypox had been reported in the nation. Two cases were reported from British Columbia, four from Alberta, 45 from Ontario, and 184 from Quebec, according to a statement from the health service reports.

In a statement, case investigations and outbreak management are being carried out by provincial/territorial public health and healthcare systems, while the National Microbiology Laboratory continues testing to confirm a diagnosis of monkeypox for suspected cases.

According to the health authorities, provinces and territories in Canada have access to licenced vaccines that can be used to control monkeypox in their areas. It also mentioned that Imvamune, a vaccine authorised by Health Canada, has been recommended for use in immunisation against monkeypox by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization.

The statement said that populations at higher risk have begun receiving vaccinations as part of provincial and territory public health authorities' monkeypox vaccination efforts. A sylvatic zoonosis called monkeypox that can infect people typically affects forested regions of Central and West Africa.

It is brought on by the orthopoxvirus family member monkeypox virus.

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