One should learn to do charity from him: Man donates body to research on Corona

There are many shocking cases coming from all over the world. Now recently also a great case has come to light which after listening and knowing you will be pleased. In fact, this case is related to a young man who donated his body for research. Yes, what we are talking about is a man from Bengal who donated his body to humanity. Yes and now there will be the research of corona on his body. Let me tell you all that this is the first time such a case has come to light in the country.

By the way, research on coronavirus is going on continuously in the country and now many people are surprised after this case has come to light. According to reports, the name of the person who donated the body was Nirmal Das and he was 89 years old and was a resident of the New Town area. Nirmal Das was a cancer patient who had become corona positive before his death. On Friday, he donated his body to medical research. An official said, "Nirmal Babu's body will be donated to the forensic department of the medical college by RG on Saturday. On the other hand, according to the health department, 3,805 new cases have been reported in West Bengal.''

Let us tell you that with the latest cases, the number of corona patients in the state has increased to 19,86,667. On the other hand, the health department said that the highest number of 481 new cases were reported in Kolkata, followed by 438 in the North 24 Parganas district. During this time, 34 deaths have been recorded in the state. After this, the total number of deaths has gone up to 20,515. Corona caused nine deaths in North 24 Parganas district and eight in Kolkata. At the moment Nirmal Babu has become a part of the headlines and everyone is building pools of praise for his work.

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