Captain Amarinder to contest from Patiala

Chandigarh: The power struggle is continuing in Punjab. Captain Amarinder Singh has made a big announcement here. In fact, he tweeted that he would contest from Patiala in 2022. In his tweet, he said, "He will not contest from any other place other than Patiala. In fact, Captain Amarinder Singh shared a post on his social media Twitter account. He made the announcement while sharing this post. In fact, he has congratulated the people of Patiala for making Patiala the cleanest city in Punjab and at the same time, Captain Amarinder Singh has announced that 'his family has been living in Patiala for 400 years and he cannot leave Patiala because of Navjot Singh Sidhu. '

In his tweet, he congratulated the Mayor, councillors and city council officials of Patiala and the district administration. Amarinder, on the other hand, has already started focusing on Patiala ahead of next year's elections. In Punjab, the political turmoil has intensified after the Central government scrapped all three agricultural bills.

Here, the already ongoing rift between Captain Amarinder and Navjot Singh Sidhu seems to be gaining momentum once again. You must be aware that even before the election from Patiala, Captain has targeted Sidhu. In fact, Amarinder Singh had said, "Sidhu's bail will be forfeited if he contests from Patiala''. On the other hand, the captain targeted Sidhu and said, "Sidhu is not the right man for Punjab, I will not allow him to win wherever he fights.''

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