PM Modi met Amol Yadav, know who is he
PM Modi met Amol Yadav, know who is he

New Delhi: Captain Amol Yadav, who made headlines in the country and abroad, by making six-seater indigenous pilot aircraft, met PM Modi yesterday. On Friday, Captain Amol Yadav was allowed by the DGCA to fly a six-seater indigenous pilot. The DGCA has conditionally granted them this permission. They have to fly the aircraft for 10 hours in the first flight and keep an altitude below 10 thousand crore fit. This dream of Yadav is now fulfilled.

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Amol Yadav, who was a senior commander of Jet Airways some time ago, took six years to build a six seater aircraft with his own money. He obtained a certificate of registration from the DGCA the following year. The aircraft was painted during the 2016 Biklang Make in India event. After the approval of the Election Commission, PM Modi handed over the certificate to him.

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The DGCA has imposed several restrictions for permission, there is no room for an accident during the test and Yadav will have to undergo a 15-day course at HAL before taking the test. Once he approves the test he will be given an airworthiness certificate. Yadav, who now works with the low-cost carrier SpiceJet, will have to fly the aircraft built in a 40-hour test in order to formally obtain a certificate from DGCA in Delhi.

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