Follow these tips to get maximum mileage from your car

Jul 19 2019 05:13 PM
Follow these tips to get maximum mileage from your car

Ordinary citizens in India have to spend more money because of the rising price of fuel. So now people are more fond of cars that give more mileage. If you're also bothered by the decreasing mileage of your car, today we're giving you easy tips to increase your car mileage. After following these tips, you'll find yourself adding to the mileage than before. Next, we'll give you some specific tips that will help you see a lot of improvements in mileage.

At first, people who avoid driving at high speeds drive the car at high speeds, causing more load on the engine, which reduces the mileage of the car as compared to normal. So you should always avoid driving at high speeds. Even on highways, the car should not run faster than 70-80kmph speed, which will make you feel that the mileage of the car has started increasing.

Turn off the engine on the red light: Many people turn off the engine on the red light and many people keep the engine on. If you want to reduce fuel consumption, the engine should be turned off on the red light. Thus, fuel consumption will be reduced and mileage will automatically improve.

Service should be done regularly: Car service is of great importance because if the car is serviced regularly, the engine is clean and there will be no malfunction. The smoother the car, the better the mileage. During the service, the engine oil also kept on changing at the right time, including engine oil. Once you've done that, you'll start realizing that the mileage is increasing.

Don't press too much clutch: The clutch should never be pressed too much while driving, which causes load on the engine and high fuel consumption. Doing so also causes the clutch to deteriorate quickly, so take care to drive.

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