Car Care: Tips for the Car owner
Car Care: Tips for the Car owner

Car care is an important step that should be carried out regularly by the car owner to maintain the car in good condition. Usually, drivers know best of all what their swallow needs, but there are several recommendations that should be followed. We suggest getting acquainted with them.

Never leave a car dirty

Returning from the trip, after which the car is dirty, do not put it in the garage. Before you leave the car "rest", stop by the car wash and wash it. Whether it will be a contactless car wash, automatic or manual, it's up to you, as long as the machine is clean again. 

If you chose a self-service car wash, then remember that you need to carefully use a high-pressure washer, so as not to leave micro damages from the sand on the body. Wash the car from the top down. 


High-quality car care is mandatory processing auto cosmetics containing special waxes on a synthetic basis. Thanks to such means the paintwork is protected. Treatment is recommended immediately upon completion of washing. The body should be wet. 

Cabin cleaning

Keep the cabin clean. The seats are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, greasy, oil stains - with the use of stain remover. The ceiling is washed using special tools and without a vacuum cleaner, which can damage the ceiling, and it will have to be tugged. If the covers are very dirty, help dry cleaning the car 

Attention - corrosion!

Regularly monitor the foci of corrosion, remove it with a special stiff brush. After that, clean the treated places, tint, lubricate protective compounds. An important stage of car care is to prevent corrosion. At places where corrosion may form, apply anti-corrosion agents, coat them with primer, mastic, paint. 

Secrets of storing cars

Not only car care, but also proper storage is the key to long-term machine operation. The optimal solution is to store the vehicle in a garage where a comfortable temperature is maintained. The room should be:

  • dry;
  • darkened;
  • with good air circulation.

Air temperature should be not lower than -5 ° С. This will allow leaving in the car batteries, radios.

When a vehicle is hibernating on the street, it must be “dressed” in a special cover. To prevent damage to the enamel, several soft (felt, flannel, foam) gaskets are placed between the cover and the body. Their thickness is at least 1.5-2 cm.

Before long storage it is necessary to work out oil in the engine, it is recommended to cover the engine itself with a film, paper treated with oil, or a piece of tarpaulin. Electrical wiring is cleaned, wiped, cars are placed on stands so that the wheels do not touch the ground or the floor. Be sure to reduce the pressure in the tires to 0.5 kg/cm 2.


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