These computer courses are better at getting a job after 12th

Computers have become an important part of all of our lives in an ever-digital world. From personal life to professional life, it is unthinkable to live a computer life. When it comes to a career, the name of the computer comes to the mind of the students first. From any private company to a government office, all the work has now been fully computerized. As a result, students have also become largely dependent on computers. Let us know about computer courses that help in getting a job quickly.

1- Basic Computer Course:-
This is a normal computer course. It teaches general information related to computers. Such as computer history, introduction to computers, software, hardware and Windows etc. For this basic computer course, you need to have basic knowledge of the English language. If you are passing the 10th or 12th standard, you can easily take this course. After the course, you are given a certificate from the Institute, which helps you get a job.

2- MS Word Basic and Advance Course:-
Microsoft Word is also known as 'word' which is actually a 'word processor'. It is a part of the MS office. The word is used to create, open, edit, format, save, share, paragraph, table and print of any document.

3- Microsoft Excel Basic and Advance Course:-
Coming to run a computer and using the Internet on it are two different things. Information on how to work on search engines, on computers is taught under the Microsoft Excel Basic and Advance Course. It teaches about running the browser, surfing the Internet, downloading files and Google etc.

4- Computer Hardware Course:-
The parts of the computer that we can see and touch are called computer hardware. It includes parts like processor, CPU, RAM, monitor, motherboard, hard disk, keyboard and mouse etc. Computers are created only with the help of these hardware parts. Due to the increasing trend of computers, the demand for service and repairing is also increasing rapidly. There is also a growing demand for hardware engineers who are well aware of hardware.

5- Desktop Publishing Course:-
The Desktop Publishing Course is a media publishing course. At present, DTP (desktop publishing course) technology is used for publishing. Under this, the page is composed through computer typing and printed through laser print. Through this course, you learn to create a complete document by adding content divided into different parts. It has an essential software Corel Draw.

To move forward in your career, it is important to have knowledge of these things

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