Mystery Of choosing the Career, Solved

Jan 30 2017 03:59 PM
Mystery Of choosing the Career, Solved

Choosing a career is the most hectic part of a student’s life. You are going to spend a lot of time pondering over the right track for you. Before you take a step you must have a clear idea of what you are going into or is that your heart’s desire or you are doing it just for the sake of society and parents.

Most students have to make this tough decision abruptly after their student life gets over and they are completely unprepared for it.

Generally, the students apply for a number of companies that come for campus recruitment go through all the menace of aptitude tests/interviews and select the highest paying job or whatever job you land on.

It’s not a good approach for choosing a career as can give rise to number of complications like

– The novelty of the company’s brand and high salary wears off very quickly.

– Job satisfaction drops because there’s a discontent between the job requirements and your personality.

– There are productivity and efficiency issues at work because the academic life never really gave you the technical skills you needed.

Popular career options in India

#Careers in Finance
Jobs in corporate finance, project finance, insurance management or regular (retail) banking may not be as glamorous, but they have their own rewards.

While Wall Street might seem to be the epicenter of financial activity, there are plenty of high paying jobs in finance available across the world.

# Careers In Technology
Technical wizards are surely controlling how lives and business operate on the planet.Whether you are an application programmer, project manager, software test engineer there’s a lot of power you can wield on technology products that’ll have a big influence on those around you.

#Careers In Marketing
When a regular desk job isn’t your cup of tea, marketing jobs in sales, marketing strategy, pricing and advertising may be right for you.

#Careers In Operations
What the customer sees is the final product or service delivered by the company. What stays behind the scenes is the tremendous effort that goes into creating/manufacturing it. There’s usually an army of workers, operations managers, quality control professionals who are working towards ensuring a superior customer experience.

#Human Resources Careers
It’s still a while before machines will take over from humans. Which means there’s plenty of work for HR professionals. You could look at jobs in recruitment, compensation structuring, training and a host of other human resource management roles.

#Legal Careers
You could specialize in corporate law, criminal law, tax law and a host of other categories and help other navigate the complex maze of ever-changing rules and their interpretation.

#ENGO, Non-profit and Developmental Careers

Whether you decide to work in a non-governmental organization (NGO) or within the corporate social responsibility (CSR) department of a private company, you could help in solving the most basic issues that plague mankind. These are among the few meaningful jobs that focus on social and economic impact.

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