If you are a Fitness Freak, you can become a nutrition-dietetics and have a career

In the wake of the corona pandemic, people have grown more health-conscious. There is currently a rising interest in yoga and gyms, in addition to taking care of diet and drink to enhance the body's immunity. As a result, the demand for a profession in the health care field has skyrocketed. Nutrition and dietetics courses are available for those interested in the fitness and medical fields.

Career in Nutrition and Dietetics:-
A nutrition expert or dietician can start his career with a graduation degree in dietetics, food and nutrition, clinical nutrition and public health nutrition. There are a lot of opportunities in this sector as a BSC. Nutrition and dietetics are spread across industries and sectors. After 12th, you get the option to take a dietician course.

Employment Prospects:-
There are both public and private job options in this sector. There will be employment opportunities in health centres, schools, hospitals, sports clubs, NGOs, gyms. In addition, people associated with this profession are also given jobs in the hospitality sector. On the other hand, many corporate companies also hire people with this profession to take care of the health and food of their employees.


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