Career tips for the 10th pass, read here

Aug 13 2019 06:16 PM
Career tips for the 10th pass, read here

If you're in the 10th or have passed the 10th class, you'll now need to select one of the topics in the 11th class. All the upcoming studies depend on what subject you have chosen in the 11th class. So with this in mind, you have to choose the subject in the 11th class.

We've tried to provide you with detailed information on each topic you can read those posts, we hope it will help you choose the topic in 11th.

What happens by taking Art subject (Faculty of Arts)?
What happens when you take a commerce subject?
What Happens By Taking Science Subject (Science)

There are many other posts that you can read such as agriculture, diploma after 10th, ITI trade etc. You also read our post "Career Options after 10th" career tips in Hindi Career Advice Hindi

Career tips after 12th: As you read above, the study ahead depends on what we choose in the 11th, as if you have taken commerce, you have to B.Com ahead, take art, BA, etc. Similarly, after 12th, there are many options where most students are unable to decide which kaurs or topics to choose.

This website is designed to Hindi to erase the confusion of the medium students. Here you will find the full details of Kaurs & Diplomas, etc., which occur after 12th.

What are BA
what is B.Com,
what is B.Sc

Professional Kaurs After 12th
What is BCA (Career in Computer Applications)
What is BBA (Career in Management)
What is BDS (How to Become a Dentist)
A lot of similar posts you'll find read here that will help you choose the right career and don't forget to read our post further.

What to do to get a government job?

If you want to become a Government employ (government employee), the first thing you need to do is complete your study and nowadays graduation has been made mandatory for most positions. If your graduation is complete, you can qualify and apply for vacancies in the departments of Banks, SSCs, Railways, Police etc. Here's a link to some posts that can give you more information.

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