careful! Pregnant women should not forget to do this on the day of solar eclipse

Solar eclipses are important astronomical phenomena. This astronomical phenomenon definitely affects this earth and every organism it has. The last solar eclipse of 2021 is scheduled to take place on Saturday, December 4, 2021, i.e. today. This is a total solar eclipse. Solar eclipse is considered to be very important scientifically and religiously. Let us know the important things related to this solar eclipse.

Pregnant women should also bathe in the middle of the yarn and it is necessary to take a bath even when the eclipse is removed. Pregnant women should not cut, peel, fry, or watch at the time of eclipse. According to astrology, when the eclipse begins, remove some grain and old cloth and side-side and donate it to a sweeper with respect after the eclipse is over. This will give you good fruits

Don't do these things in the eclipse:-
1- Nothing should be eaten during the suta period on the day of solar eclipse. It is said to have a negative impact.
2- No worship should be performed during solar eclipse. The image of God becomes corrupt.
3- The sun should not be seen with naked eyes during the solar eclipse. This can spoil your eyes.
4- Pregnant women should not eat food items during the eclipse. In addition, needle thread should not be used.

Why is tulsi leaf added to food items during solar eclipse?

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