Carlsen took the lead by defeating Mamedyarov in Norway Chess
Carlsen took the lead by defeating Mamedyarov in Norway Chess

With just three rounds left in the 10th edition of Norway Chess, defending World Champion host Norway's Magnus Carlsen has reached a singles lead after securing his third straight win in the competition, while India's five-time World Champion, who is half a point ahead till yesterday. Champion Viswanathan Anand has now moved to second place.

Let us inform that in the sixth round, Carlsen defeated Shakhiryar Mamedyarov of Azerbaijan by 56 moves in the Catalan Opening with white pieces and scored full three points, while the classical match between Anand of India and Anish Giri of Netherlands was drawn but Anand Anish in the tiebreak. Have managed to get 1.5 points by winning from

Reports say that after some similar classical draws, USA's Wesley Sow defeated Norway's Aryan Tari, France's Maksim Lagarev defeated China's Howe Wang and Azerbaijan's Timur Radzabov defeated Bulgaria's Veselin Topalov in a tiebreak 1.5. Make points. After round 6, Carlsen was playing with 12.5, Anand 11.5 and Wesley So with 10 points.

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Anand defeated world champion Carlsen in Norway chess

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