Case registered against this movie made in Acropolis, Greece, know what's the matter

Greece's Ministry of Culture has initiated action in the case after a short movie Departhenon showed 2 men having sex in ancient Acropolis in Athens. The ministry has said, "The archaeological site of Acropolis is not suitable for any other activity that causes crime or disrespects the monument."

According to media reports, the 36-minute movie "Departhenan" was released on December 21, but the controversial scene has come to the notice of Greek Culture Ministry officials this week. The Culture Ministry said in its statement that they have not yet given permission to shoot any movie in Acropolis.

The film depicts two men standing in circles and having sex in an acropolis scene. In the video, people visiting ancient sites can be seen walking. Greek Actors Association president Spiros Bibilas has called the movie shameful.

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