Caught in Wow Video: Sonakshi and Virat dancing together

Apr 13 2016 03:53 PM

Yes, the Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha and Famous Cricketer Virat Kohli are seen together but what you think is far away. The two shared a stage and given a wonderful performance at Rohit Sharma’s Sangeet ceremony.

In India, the two gossips and rumors field is obviously-Bollywood and Sporting, and think if they are together what will happen. The same incident took place when a picture and a video was aired in the media sites where Virat Kohli was cited dancing with the Bollywood beauty Sonakshi Sinha.

The encounter happened at the sangeet organized in the wedding ceremony of the cricketer, where Sonakshi moved on the song from the movie Rambo Rajkumar. Suddenly Virat stand up and joined Sinha and tried to match the steps.