6 companies named after Anil Deshmukh's sons in corruption case, CBI reveals

May 05 2021 11:29 AM
6 companies named after Anil Deshmukh's sons in corruption case, CBI reveals

Mumbai: A new revelation has been made about economic manipulation in the case of former Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh, who is facing corruption charges. According to reports, CBI investigating the case has received information about half a dozen companies of Deshmukh's sons. Deshmukh has categorically refused to respond to the issue. Tell us that Deshmukh was seriously accused by former Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh.

According to media reports, CBI sources said that deshmukh's two sons - Salil and six companies from Rishikesh - have been reported. Amid the corruption case investigation, CBI are examining the economic records of the companies of the two sons. This includes the name of Jodiak Dealcom Pvt. Ltd. in Kolkata. The company is located in the Mercantile Building in Kolkata. Significantly, the address at which the Kolkata-based company is operating is called the hotspot of shell companies. State that shell companies mean companies that are registered but do not operate financially in particular.

According to sources, the task force appointed by the central government had identified more than 400 shell companies here in 2017. Many companies were later shut down by the government. However, registrar of company figures show that more than 100 companies are still working in this building. At least 30 active companies have their address registered at the address of Jodiak Dealcom.

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