CBSE 10th Revaluation Process to begin soon

May 07 2019 03:14 PM
CBSE 10th Revaluation Process to begin soon

After the declaration of CBSE Class 10th result 2019, Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE is expected to commence the Re-verification and the Revaluation process. Candidates who are not happy with their marks can apply for re-verification and re-valuation of their answer sheets. Candidates not happy with their marks can apply for re-verification, photocopy of the answer sheet and revaluation of their answer sheets - in that order. The link for CBSE Class 10th Result 2019 Revaluation will be activated soon on the official website For convenience, the direct link to apply for the rechecking is provided along with the steps given below. 

Accordingly, students/ parents need to follow three steps to get results revaluated. These steps must be followed in order. Missing one step would make the candidates ineligible for the nest step/s.

 Step 1 is to apply for verification of the marks: All the student/parent needs to go to the link provided by CBSE, enter the roll number, select the subject/s you wish your marks to be re-verified in and pay the fee of Rs. 500 per subject. Please remember, only the candidates who apply for verification would be able to obtain the photocopies of the subsequent subjects.

Once the request is made, CBSE would then re-verify the marks and release it on the online portal. The onus of checking the result for re-verification is on the candidates. The window to apply for re-verification would remain open for about 5 days. After this Step 2 would begin.

Step 2 is to apply for photocopy of the answer sheet. Say the student is still not convinced with the marks awarded after the re-verification of the answer sheets. The student in that case can apply for the photocopy of the answer sheets. The fee for obtaining the photocopy is again Rs. 500 per subject.

Students would then be able to download the photocopy of their answer sheet. From this point on, if the student feels that he has not been awarded marks, even though his/her answer match the marking scheme provided by CBSE, he/she can apply for re-valuation.

Step 3 is applying for Revaluation. Please remember, unlike re-verification, revaluation is per question basis. Students have to apply for revaluation of specific questions in the subjects. For this, candidates have to pay a fee of Rs. 100.

Further explaining, say a student wishes to get three questions in Hindi and 2 in English evaluated again. In total, the student would then have to pay the fee for 5 questions which would be Rs. 500.


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