5 Celebrities beauty regime across the world

Apr 07 2018 07:00 PM
5 Celebrities beauty regime across the world

People often spend hours by gazing the photographs of their favourite celeb or model. The images or serials are everywhere, you can see them on the internet or on your television screen. Even the good old magazine has not remained untouched by this celebrity craze.
The perfect pouts, proper hairdo or a fold out of turn. So clearly, a lot of planning goes into making our stars look fab. But hang on, there are a lot of crazy beauty routines too that make every frame picture perfect. Here a list of crazy beauty rituals celebs follows which people would never think of indulging in on a daily basis.

1. Lady Gaga: A tape for removing make-up

The American pop singer and songwriter uses tape to remove her eye makeup. As we all know glitter is especially very difficult to remove. Using a tape does sound like a good option.
Here’s a word of caution - Do not try this trick if your skin is sensitive or prone to redness. Stick to your makeup remover and remember the skin around your eyes is extremely soft and delicate.


2. Julia Roberts: A pan full of olive oil

The actress with the ‘million-dollar smile, Julia Roberts is known for hits like Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride. In order to rejuvenate her skin, Julia Roberts soaks her hands in olive oil to improve the moisture content of the skin.Ms. Roberts practice this beauty treatment every week.


3. Denise Richards: Avocado and olive oil for hair conditioning

The American actress and former fashion model 
is known for her lustrous hair and good looks on a runway in America. Denise is known to combines avocado with a tablespoon of olive oil for deep conditioning results for the hair.


4. Lisa Rinna: Cinnamon Oil for a pout

Here is a beauty tip from American actress and television host, Lisa Rinna. Add cinnamon oil to the lip gloss and the result will be a pumped up pout.


5. Nicole Kidman: Cranberry juice for the hair

Australian actress and blockbuster superstar, Nicole Kidman 
is famous for her magnificent red locks.The secret of her ravishing hair is; she pours cranberry juice after shampooing her hair to boost the shine and hair health.

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