Center to declare ‘Nikah Halala’ and ‘Polygamy’ unconstitutional

First Triple Talaq and then Nikah halala and polygamy the center is all set to abide these and declare these two as unconstitutional. There were petitons against the nikah halala and polygamy earlier this year. The supreme court now agreed to heat the petitons.

"Nikah Halala is a process and a controversial practice in which If a separated  Muslim couple wants to remarry, the women have to marry any other man first divorce that man then only she can marry her ex-husband. The women have to go through Halala Nikah".

The Centre is directed by the supreme court to respond to the plea seeking to declare the provisions of Muslim Personal Law (Shariat) which validate the practice of polygamy and nikah halala as unconstitutional. The Centre is gearing up to put forth its stand by backing the petitions challenging the two practices.

In the case, a petition was filed by Muslim women named Sameena Begum. She was first married in the year 1999 and she has two sons. After several instances of abuse and a police complaint, she was given triple talaq. She was forced to marry again by her family, this time to an already married man. After she was pregnant for the third time, she was again given triple talaq over the phone following a trivial argument.

The petitioners want the Halala Nikah and polygamy to be declared illegal, Zakia Soman of ‘Bhartiya Mahila Muslim Andolan’  told in an interview.

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