Central Government to ban about 343 medicines throughout India

Aug 04 2018 03:33 PM
Central Government to ban about 343 medicines throughout India

As per the information provided, the central government of the country has decided to prohibit the production and sale of about more than 300 medicines. Reports suggest that these medicines belong to the category of “Fixed Dose Combinations”. The central government has been appealed to put a ban on the production and sale of the medicines. The decision made by the Central Government would probably affect the business of a lot of pharmaceutical companies since these medicines had a large market of their own and were sold at good rates.

It has been informed that the health department has banned medicines that were sold greatly in the Indian markets and people blindly bought them. The list of medicines includes various cough-syrups, pain-killers, and also certain antipyretics.

The medicines that would soon be banned, include Fencidil, D-cold total, Sheridan etc.

The list of medicines includes about 343 medicines and these medicines are manufactured by some of the leading Pharmaceuticals of the country like Cipla, Abbott, Piramal and several others.

The Drug Technology Advisory Board has requested the central Government regarding the ban. It would hence be a sensible step taken by the Indian Government towards the welfare of its citizens by improving the quality of medicines available in the country.

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