This Education Policy is a Revolution: Union Minister Prakash Javdekar

Jul 30 2020 04:47 PM
This Education Policy is a Revolution: Union Minister Prakash Javdekar

New Delhi: Modi government has brought a new education policy after a long gap of 34 years. How is this policy, how prolific it will be for the students and how many employment opportunities will be generated for them in future, Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar has responded on this issue. According to Javadekar, this is a new revolution.

The Union Minister said that "Education is important because in every household, some member keeps learning something. Each one has to move forward, acquire knowledge and get employment. In this education policy, you will get knowledge, you will get employment, chances of new employment will increase and the most important thing is that they will become a good person. This new education policy has laid its foundation. Now children will have to gain knowledge. They will be literate instead of educated.

The Union Minister further said "A new subject called Early Childhood Education in India will start from 3 to 8 years. We used to teach first and second lessons in KG, but that will not happen now, but the cognitive skills of children will be developed, which will develop them properly. Children learn while playing. But their exam and those copy-books will no longer be there. There will be no exam until the second class, after this, there will be a different policy until the fifth. There will be a subject entry and some more studies will be done till the eighth grade. This is a new change in education."

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