Petrol becomes cheaper in all cities today, central government reduces excise duty

New Delhi: Today, the general public has got a big relief. In fact, the prices of petrol and diesel have been reduced amid the price rise of inflation. Today (May 22, 2022) petrol has become cheaper by 9.5 rupees and diesel by 7 rupees per litre across the country. And this reduction in the prices of petrol and diesel has come due to the reduction of excise duty. The Central Government (Modi Government) has reduced the excise duty on petrol by Rs 8 and on diesel by Rs 6 per litre, making petrol cheaper by Rs 9.50 and diesel by Rs 7 per litre. Last Saturday evening was special as Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tweeted the good news to the public that the central government has reduced the central excise duty on petrol and diesel. Earlier, the central government had reduced the excise duty on petrol by Rs 10 per litre and diesel by Rs 5 per litre on November 3, 2021, and then there was a continuous increase in oil prices in March-April.

On the other hand, due to the sharp increase in crude prices in the international market amid the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, the fuel price in the domestic market was also affected. Last Saturday, the price of petrol in Delhi was 105 rupees 41 paise, which has now become 96 rupees 72 paise per litre. In the national capital, the price of petrol has been reduced by 8 rupees 69 paise per litre. Similarly, in Mumbai, the financial capital of the country, petrol has become cheaper by 9 rupees 16 paise. In Mumbai, petrol is now at Rs 111.35 per litre. The special thing is that in these four metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, the price of petrol is less than 100 rupees per litre in Delhi alone, while in the other three metros, petrol is still selling beyond 100 rupees per litre. Similarly, in the price of diesel, Delhiites have got a relief of 7 rupees and 5 paise per litre.

Till yesterday, a litre of diesel was being sold for 96 rupees 67 paise in Delhi, but from today it is selling at 89 rupees 62 paise. Similarly, the price of diesel in Mumbai has come down from 104 rupees 77 paise to 97 rupees 28 paise per litre. Diesel has become cheaper by 7 rupees 49 paise in Mumbai. In Kolkata, it has become cheaper by 7 rupees 7 paise and in Chennai, diesel by 6 rupees 70 paise per litre. Due to the different rates of VAT levied on vehicle fuel at the state level, the price of petrol and diesel in cities is different.

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