Certain sections trying to declare Muslims as others: Hamid Ansari

New Delhi: Former Vice President of the country Hamid Ansari on Wednesday expressed regret that some people in the country are making concerted efforts to declare Muslims as 'others', but India's pluralistic society has been a reality for centuries. In his book 'By Many a Happy Accident: Reclamation of Life', the former Vice President said that his being a Muslim does not matter but his professional qualification matters.

Ansari further said, "concerted efforts are being made by certain sections to declare Muslims as others. Am i a citizen or not? If I am a citizen, then I have the right to be the beneficiary of all the things that come from citizenship ''. Hamid Ansari further said, "pluralistic societies have existed in India for centuries." On the occasion, veteran Congress leader and former Union Minister P Chidambaram said that he and Ansari are sad because the events of the last few years. They are creating danger for people who are Muslims. 

Chidambaram further said, "They feel threatened, therefore they are retreating."

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