Life of a young man was tied to a tree for 8 years, heart-shaking case

Nowadays, many shocking cases keep coming to the fore, in such a situation, the case that has come to light recently is from Gujarat. In fact, a shocking case has come to light in Botad Taluka of Rajkot district of Gujarat. Your senses will be blown away when you hear it. In fact, a 22-year-old man here, Mahesh, has been living his life tied to a tree for the last eight years. However, now his good deeds are coming. In fact, due to the efforts of a social worker, Mahesh may soon get a chance to live his life with pride.

22-year-old Mahesh's behaviour suddenly became violent eight years ago and he started behaving violently with others. It all became his habit to kill every person, to throw stones at him. Seeing this happening, Mahesh's family, who lives in a poverty-stricken slum, tied him to a tree naked. In this case, Mahesh's father Pragji Olkia said that his son is mentally ill. Because of this, he becomes violent. "If someone goes to him, he starts pelting stones. We are very poor and have no resources to treat him or put him anywhere. So, we have to chain him to a tree.''

In this case, social media comedian Nitin Jani, popularly known as Khajubhai on YouTube, recently got a message about this family on his social media handle and went to meet them. Jani was earlier engaged in social work after last year's cyclone and helped many devastated families. While talking to media persons, Jani said that we have built a house for the family on the outskirts of the village. We have also installed electricity and fans there. Food and water have also been given to Mahesh. He is currently violent. In a day or two, we will take him to a psychologist for treatment. It can be considered a great news that now Mahesh will be treated.

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