Yoga For Beauty: Do this anti-aging yoga pose to stay young

Aug 21 2019 12:08 PM
Yoga For Beauty: Do this anti-aging yoga pose to stay young

People often resort to yoga to stay healthy, which is also quite beneficial. Yoga also helps to improve health and helps you stay young with longevity. Yoga plays a very important role in the peace of mind and self-health of the body. Often people think that yoga is done only to make the body flexible, but it is not. There are a lot of postures of yoga, which have many advantages. Yoga can help you stay healthy and throughout your life. 

If you also want to be healthy rather than getting older, you should adopt Chakrasana. Regularizing Chakrasana Yoga keeps the spine flexible and the body is always on the ground. Chakrasana also removes respiratory diseases, it is also considered good enough for the eyes. Not only that, Chakrasana is quite beneficial for patients suffering from diseases like cervical and spondylitis.

How to
Warm-up the body before doing any posture.

Lie down on the back for the chakras and bend the knees.

Keep in mind that your aids are near the hips.

Then turn the two hands upside down and place them a short distance behind the shoulders.

Now slowly lift your stomach in the air and try to bring the hands and feet close.

This leads to a shape similar to the body cycle.

Keep the body loose while finishing this process.

This posture should be done regularly at least 3-4 times.

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What are the precautions
Do not do this posture if you are suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease or hernia.

Also, women who are pregnant should avoid this yoga posture.

The patient of spondylitis should also not do this posture.

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