Body building Champian Pradip Subramanian died

Feb 26 2020 12:26 PM
Body building Champian Pradip Subramanian died

The 32-year-old bodybuilding champion of India died of natural causes after a celebrity match in Singapore. The official associated with the death certificate said that former president of World Bodybuilding and Physic Sports Federation Singapore, Pradeep Subramaniam died due to heart problems.

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Pradeep had a match against YouTuber Steven Lim of Singapore on 23 September 2017 at Marina Bay Sands. After this match, he became unconscious and was declared dead on reaching the hospital. It was found in the investigation report that he died of natural causes. The report said that the doctors present during the fight could not foresee their condition. There was a need to have an ECG. He was declared fit before the fight. He also said in the manifesto that the medical condition is correct.

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The first round went well, Lim struck Pradeep three times in the second round. Video footage showed that while Lim was applying the punch, Pradeep slowed down in an attempt to escape. Later he went to his corner and did not even come when the referee was called. The referee declared Lim to be the winner. When the referee declared Lim to be the winner, Pradeep stood and later went to his corner and stood with a rope. He later collapsed and the medical team took him to the hospital.

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