Sandalwood relieves from fever to headache


You must have heard and read about Sandalwood. At the same time, the tradition of applying sandalwood on the forehead in India is quite old. Not only this, but sandalwood also has a special significance in the worship of Hinduism. Yes and apart from this, sandalwood is also used in many cosmetic products. Yes, there are countless products in the market, from sandalwood face packs to perfumes, and room freshners. However, even amidst the changing trend, there are millions of people who apply sandalwood tilak on the forehead. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about such properties of sandalwood, knowing which you will also start using sandalwood paste.

Relief from fever- In order to lower the body temperature in fever, a strip of cold water is often placed on the head. However, sandalwood is also used in dealing with a fever. In fact, the Taseer of sandalwood is cold and by applying sandalwood paste on the forehead in fever, it works like a natural medicine. In fact, the temperature of the body starts to normalize with the coating of sandalwood.

Glowing Skin - You all will know that sandalwood has started to be used in many cosmetic products. However, these products also contain chemicals. In such a situation, you can also apply a face pack of sandalwood powder to improve the skin.   Yes, because it not only brings a glow in the skin but also the colour complication is good.

Effective in headaches- You can use sandalwood to get relief from the problem of headaches. In fact, many times due to the heat, there is a stretch in the veins of the head, which causes headaches. In such a situation, applying sandalwood paste on the head keeps the brain cool and also relieves the pain.

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