Chant these mantras as soon as you wake up in the morning, the locks of fate will be opened.

It is often said that the more tremendous the beginning of the day is, the more wonderful your whole day goes. You can see this by trying it out too. Just as we make the foundation strong to make our home strong, it is necessary to have a good start to the day for the whole day to pass well. If these mantras are chanted in the morning, it is very beneficial for you. There are many remedies mentioned in the scriptures to make your day auspicious, one of which is the pronunciation of mantras. If these mantras are pronounced correctly as soon as the eyes are opened, then not only will your day be auspicious. In fact, all the problems in life will also end. By uttering these mantras, not only your destiny will start to accompany you. At the same time, your financial situation will also improve. So let's know which mantras should be pronounced as soon as the eyes are opened in the morning. 

1. Kargrae Vasate Lakshmi: Saraswati in Kar.
   Karmale asthao Brahma Prabhatte Kardarshanam..

2. Samudravasne Devi Parvasthanamalle, 
    Vishnupatni Namastubhyan Padasparsha Ksmaswa mein..

3.'Gange ch Yamune Chaiva Godavari Saraswati.
    Narmade Sindhu Kavari Jal Sminsannidhiam Kuru.. ’

4. Sarvamangal Mangalyai Shiva Sawartha Sadik.
  Sharanye trimbke gouri narayani namostu te..

5. Om Gan Ghan Rinhartayai Namah or Om Chhindi Chhindi Varainyam Swaha.



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