Adopt this Mahamantra of Lakshmi to live a wealthy and prosperous life

Jan 14 2020 09:58 PM
Adopt this Mahamantra of Lakshmi to live a wealthy and prosperous life

Devi Mahalakshmi, consort of Srihari Vishnu, is the presiding deity of wealth and happiness. Apart from this, according to mythology, Goddess Lakshmi was born from Samudramanthan. All the priceless gems originating from the sea, such as Shankha, Moti and Kauri's presiding deity, are Mahalaxmi. Kauri is a gem which is equally valuable as money. If we talk about the same, then in ancient times, trade, purchase-disorders etc. were done with the Kauri Ratna. Astrology Kamal Nandlal is telling how the rich became from roadpath. But before that, know how tomorrow will be beautiful ..

How are you going to be beautiful tomorrow?

1. Take a bath with a little curd in water.
2. Meditate on Lakshmi and Narayan while taking bath.
3. Worship Lakshmi-Narayan in Lakshmi Narayan temple or in your home worship and offer pink flowers to them.
4. Chant the mantra "Shriman Jagatprasute Namah"
5. Tilak on the forehead with sandalwood mounted on Lakshmi-Narayan
6. Feed Kheer to Laxmi-Narayan to a girl.

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