Chant this mantra to please Lord Ganesha

Feb 14 2020 08:57 PM
Chant this mantra to please Lord Ganesha

Wednesday is considered to be the special day of worship of Lord Ganesha. Along with this, the planet Mercury is also worshiped on this day. If the Mercury planet is in an inauspicious state in a person's horoscope, worshiping Ganesha on Wednesday is beneficial. Apart from this, the Lord of Wednesday is the planet Mercury, which is also considered to be a factor of intelligence. By worshiping the modak of this Shri Ganesha, worship increases intelligence and at the same time happiness and success remains.

This is how to worship Ganesh-
Poojan Sriganesh is offered as a dessert made of vermilion, sandalwood, yajnopaveet, durva, laddu or jaggery. After this, perform aarti by burning incense and lamps.

Chant this mantra in worship-

प्रातर्नमामि चतुराननवन्द्यमानमिच्छानुकूलमखिलं च वरं ददानम्।
तं तुन्दिलं द्विरसनाधिपयज्ञसूत्रं पुत्रं विलासचतुरं शिवयो: शिवाय।।
प्रातर्भजाम्यभयदं खलु भक्तशोकदावानलं गणविभुं वरकुञ्जरास्यम्।
अज्ञानकाननविनाशनहव्यवाहमुत्साहवर्धनमहं सुतमीश्वरस्य।।
गणेश जी की ऐसी मूर्ति घर में लाती है खुशियां

Meaning of mantra-
I worship a deity whose Brahmadev himself worships. The same deities, who are capable of fulfilling the desire, are going to remove fear, are going to destroy mourning, are heroes of virtues, are gajmukh, are going to destroy ignorance. I pray, worship and remember Shiva's son Shri Ganesh for happiness and success.

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