Rahul Gandhi revealed, said- Charanjit Singh Channi started crying after being made CM...

Addressing a meeting of the Congress Working Committee held on Saturday, Rahul Gandhi said that Charanjit Singh Channi had started crying when he was told that he would be the CM of Punjab. Seeking approval to speak privately to CWC due to the meeting, Rahul said that when Congress President Sonia Gandhi called Charanjit Singh Channi and told him that he would be the next Chief Minister of Punjab. Hearing this, Channi started crying and said that he could never imagine that a person from an ordinary background like him could become CM.

Charanjit Singh Channi, who was present in the same Congress Working Committee meeting, nodded in agreement with Rahul Gandhi. He said, "I could never have dreamt of becoming cm because I come from a community where the condition is that we don't see any dreams. I cried on the call that day because the Congress President and Rahulji were attacking this injustice. According to which, individuals from a certain community should be satisfied by becoming Ministers and they cannot remove the prejudices inherent in the society.''

Rahul Gandhi gave the example of Charanjit Singh Channi and said that people hope that Congress will fight for him. "It doesn't matter which office it holds, people are only interested in seeing a united Congress that fights for democracy, respect for the Constitution and the rights of the underprivileged," he explained. Rahul urged the party leaders to work against the mindset that SCs, STs and OBCs cannot play the role of leadership.

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