Make charcoal face pack at home, your skin will be stains-free

Aug 28 2019 09:33 AM
Make charcoal face pack at home, your skin will be stains-free

Do you know how much charcoal can be beneficial for your face? Today we're going to tell you some of the benefits of this. For the beauty of the face, you have to use activated charcoal. Today we are going to tell you how to make charcoal face packs at home. Also, be sure not to apply if you are allergic to it.

Make Charcoal Face Pack
For this, take the Charcoal tablet available in the market. Now cut it well and grind it. Take a vitamin E capsule and cut it and remove the oil. Mix it with charcoal. If you feel the need, add some water to it. Then use it on the face. Pull it with a light hand when it is dried.

Also, add three activated charcoal capsules, bentonite soil, vitamin E oil, glycerin, and honey to make the paste. Add a little water to the paste and apply it on your face. Remove the pack from the face after 10 minutes.

1. It removes stubborn dirt hidden in your face and cleanse it deeply. It gives you soft and seismal skin.

2. If you are bothered by Oily Skin, use charcoal masks. It controls more sebum production in the skin, which causes these problems.

3. Pimple or Blackhead, all these troubles can relieve you of this quickly. You can use either of its face packs or facewash.

4. The pores are opened in the face several times and are clearly visible. They don't look good. For this, you can use a charcoal face mask. It removes dirt and closes the open pores.

5. Regular use of it maintains facial tightness and does not cause wrinkles.

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