If you also do charcoal toothpaste, then first know harm

Charcoal products are very much liked and all of them are quite in trend in today's time. In fact, in today's time, different brands of charcoal products from skincare to health care are easily available in the market and everyone likes it. Not only this, but many people use charcoal face masks, charcoal creams and charcoal face washes to make the face glowing. Apart from this, nowadays the trend of using charcoal toothpaste has also increased. Because of this, people use it on a large scale, however, if you also use charcoal toothpaste then you should know these things which we are going to tell you about.

Usually, activated charcoal is used in charcoal toothpaste and it is made naturally with the help of wood and coconut peels. However, let us tell you about how charcoal toothpaste is beneficial for teeth and what its side effects are.

Cleanses the teeth - Activated charcoal present in the charcoal toothpaste can clean the enamel i.e. outer layer of the teeth. However nothing can be said about cleaning the surface under the teeth by charcoal toothpaste.

Remove the smell of the mouth- Charcoal toothpaste is effective in cleaning the upper layer of teeth and also getting rid of the bad smell of the mouth.

Side effects of charcoal toothpaste - Using it can make your teeth yellow. Also in charcoal toothpaste, an element called fluoride that fights cavities is not used. By doing this, there is also a possibility of having a cavity in your teeth.

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