Charu Asopa responds to criticism about her divorce being a "publicity stunt"

After repeatedly declaring they were headed for divorce, actress Charu Asopa has spoken out about her reconciliation with her husband Rajeev Sen. The actor revealed in a social media post that Charu and Rajeev had reconciled earlier this month. In a recent vlog, Charu discussed their decision to reconcile as well as the allegations that their breakup was a "publicity stunt." Ziana Sen, a daughter of the couple,

Charu discussed her and Rajeev's reconciliation in a vlog she posted earlier this week, attributing it to divine intervention. "During my stay in Bhilwara. I made the decision to go back to Mumbai and start over with my daughter Ziana. I sat down with Rajeev the day before court proceedings to discuss our issues. During the discussion, many problems were resolved. For the sake of Ziana, Lord Ganesha wished for us to work on our marriage "She spoke.

Rajeev and Charu wed in 2019 and welcomed their daughter Ziana as their first child in November of that same year. Soon after, they split up, and Charu declared she wanted a divorce. Rajeev, who is brother to actor Sushmita Sen, stated earlier this year that he wanted to patch things up but that Charu was "hell-bent" on getting a divorce. They did, however, reunite earlier this month. Online, many referred to their split as a "scripted drama," and others claimed it was a "publicity stunt" for the reality competition Bigg Boss 16.

Charu responded, "I am not providing any clarification. Why are you guys calling it a publicity gimmick, exactly? When we informed our attorneys of our choice, they sent their best wishes and showed their support. Be considerate; consider your words before speaking, Charu advised in her vlog.

Contrary to rumors, it has not yet been confirmed whether Charu or Rajeev will compete in Bigg Boss 16, which starts next month. Rajeev claimed he had been approached for the well-liked reality show in a recent interview, though.

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