ChatGPT succeeds on graduate-level business and law exams

USA: What Kind of Results Will ChatGPT Give in Law or Business School? Will it do well in the examinations or will it be a below average student? These questions have now been addressed.

OpenAI's chatbots have passed graduate-level exams in both law and business, according to studies conducted at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton Business School and the University of Minnesota School of Law. Warning: This sentence contains spoiler.

Concerns have been raised about students using ChatGPT to cheat on assignments and exams. The ability of chatbots to produce original content is a cause for concern.

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Despite how great it is, some never-before-seen ethical dilemmas have been raised by the capabilities of chatbots. The use of ChatGPT has already been banned in public schools in Seattle and New York City.

The ChatGPT exam was administered for four courses by law professors at the University of Minnesota. In the tests, the AI answered 12 essay questions and 95 multiple choice questions.

It passed all four tests, despite performing at the level of an average C+ student. The professors observed that the bot was skilled at summarizing legal principles and responding to inquiries about fundamental legal principles.

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The main problem with ChatGPT's response to legal questions was that it was unable to identify the relevant problems of a case. It also failed to conduct an in-depth analysis of the facts of the case using legal precedents.

Jonathan Choi, one of the law professors at the University of Minnesota, claims that ChatGPT "can be useful for creating a first draft that a student can then refine."

During the Wharton business management course, OpenAI's chatbot outperformed. According to a study by Wharton professor Christian Tervish, ChatGPT received a B to B grade.

According to the researcher, AI was effective in answering "basic operations management and process-analysis questions". However, it had trouble with more difficult signals. It also made "stunning errors" with math from the sixth grade.

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Both sides expressed their concerns regarding the ChatGPT. Noting how well the chatbot performed in its tests, Tervich claimed that there must be limits to its use.

But both research teams think ChatGPT has a place in the classroom. Professors can benefit from having more time for their students. The tool will also be used by professors to grade exams.

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