Cheap Countries to Visit when you are Young and Broke

I can not be the only one who is dying to get out and visit places after months of being in the four walls due to the many lockdowns the covid pandemic brought with it. However, one thing that comes to many of us is that even if these are the years when we should be enjoying our youth we also have to worry about the money. Because let us face it if we had enough money our feet would not have hit the ground. But we do not! 

So in order to fuel the wanderlust inside of you, we have brought a list of places you can visit and you will not even have to spend much on one. Have I piqued your interest yet? If yes, then dive in!

Cambodia: True adventure awaits travellers willing to embrace a uniquely Cambodian experience. The vibrant culture, rich colours, lush landscape and fascinating wildlife make Cambodia an enticing holiday destination, one which stays in the minds and hearts of travellers. There are two main reasons why you should visit Cambodia: 1) it offers an incredible amount of history and culture; 2) its nature is amazing: it ranges from the gorgeous National Parks to the relaxing islands. If you're planning to visit Southeast Asia, Cambodia is a must-visit country.

Laos: Enjoy some of Laos' most stunning waterfalls away from the crowds by having a delicious early morning picnic amongst them. Enjoy a spread of tropical fruits and omelette with sweet chilli sauce whilst surrounded by this picturesque natural landscape. Laos is an excellent place to visit for those who love to be in nature or to participate in adventure activities. A popular choice for many tourists is trekking in the unexplored mountains or jungles to remote villages, cycling in the surrounding countryside, or kayaking down one of the many rivers in the country.

CAPE VERDE: Cape Verde is a good place for a holiday. Every island has its own identity and great things to do. It's almost always sunny, and average temperatures are year-round 24 celsius. Cape Verde is an ideal year-round summer destination. Cape Verde is famous for its warm tropical climate, volcanic islands, wonderful musicians, and delicious cuisine. Americans may not have heard much about Cape Verde, but Europeans are much more familiar with the islands as a winter escape.

Vietnam: Vietnam is a friendly and safe place to travel. With a sprinkling of common sense, your trip should be smooth and trouble-free. Tourists usually complain about over-aggressive street vendors, tour operators with a bad attitude and dangerous driving.

El Salvador: El Salvador boasts incredible national parks, long stretches of breathtaking beaches, enchanting waterfalls, marvellous lakes, mountainous areas with picturesque views, and a plethora of inland attractions like the vast plains of coffee plantations and of course volcanos. El Salvador may be the smallest country in Central America but it's certainly one of its most charming. Less touristy than its neighbours, El Salvador is rich in natural beauty, pristine beaches, countless volcanoes, many Maya ruins and a great culture and rich history.

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