Bhaiyuji Maharaj shoots himself: Here are some Bollywood links

Jun 13 2018 09:13 AM
Bhaiyuji Maharaj shoots himself: Here are some Bollywood links

The sad demise of India’s renowned spiritual guru, Bhaiyuji Maharaj has led the entire country, extremely disheartened. Bhaiyuji Maharaj shot himself dead on Tuesday, noon. After his suicide, he was rushed to the Bombay hospital in Indore, where the doctors declared him dead.

Just a year back, Bhaiyuji tied a not with Dr Ayushi.

Issues between his daughter ( from his first wife) and his second wife, Dr Ayushi is being speculated as the major cause for the distress in his life.

Once a model, Bhaiyuji is also believed to have tried his luck at the movies, but after the failure, he turned the path of his life to Etymology.

After taking Sanyas, Bhaiyuji got into two major relationships.

Bhaiyuji’s second marriage grabbed controversies when actress Mallika Rajput went on records to talk about her relationship with this Spiritual Guru.

Bhaiyuji AKA Uday Deshmukh had some really strong Bollywood and political connections, including the legendary Singer Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Anuradha podwal and many more.

Bhaiyuji was more Prominently known for his lavish lifestyle, which included his passion for luxury cars, watches etc.

A suicide note has been allegedly found in Bhaiyuji’s residence, which states that Bhaiyuji was distressed with his life’s ruined peace and does not hold anyone responsible for his decision to end his life.

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