Check out what your day of birth tells about you…it has secret control over your life

Feb 04 2019 03:14 PM
Check out what your day of birth tells about you…it has secret control over your life

Each year , We continued to cherish and celebrate the date of our birth, but do you know your day of bitrh? Was it a Monday, Friday or a Sunday? Not just the date and time of birth, even the day has a huge influence in our life. According to astrology, the birth number plays a major role in deciding one’s future, but did you know that the ‘Day of your birth’ has been having a secret control over your life?

As we know, each day of the week has its own distinctive ambience. Astrology also assigns a particular planet to a particular day. For instance, the Sun rules Sunday, the Moon rules Monday, Mars rules Tuesday, Mercury rules Wednesday, Jupiter rules Thursday, Venus rules Friday and Saturn influences Saturday.

Check out what your day of birth tells about your:


This person is self-motivated and will be known for their kindness and sweet nature. They handle both their happiness and grief with grace. In the initial years, they'll hate academics, but in later life will be known for their wisdom.


These individuals will go on to have a fiery temperament. And for this very reason, they'll often end up having troubled relations with people living around them. They will be egoistic throughout their life.


These individuals will always have an inclination for religious and spiritual activities. Their god-fearing nature would time and gain would guide them away from negative thoughts and doings. The will be polite, humble and would have undying respect for their parents. They know their way through mind work, hence it's not easy to fool them.


They will have an intelligent and adventurous personality and are known for dealing difficult time with a great sense of intelligence. The will garner immense love and support from their friends and associates. Luck will always favor them.


These individuals can be easily picked out in a crowd for their cheerful and ever happy attitude. They will have an immense influence on people around them, just with their conversations. Jupiter is the ruling planet for this day, hence, it will bestow them extreme tolerance with which they will face difficult times in a very good way.


These individuals would have a deep found interest in the field of agriculture, trade or technology. They may have to face some difficulties in the younger age, but with growing age, they will be careful of the people around them, especially friends. They will always have a strained relationship with parents and siblings.


People born on Sundays will have an inborn laidback attitude towards lifestyle. They are late bloomers in life but have immense luck on their side. They like to have minimal human interactions and are social introverts. These people receive honour and respect in the field of art and education. Also, their interest remains in religion too. They try to keep their family members happy.

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