Watch: Brutal moment of cheetah hunting deer

Wild animals are also seen working day and night like humans. This thing is different in that they are not able to do any other work except to fill their stomach and protect themselves. At the same time, another person struggles throughout his life to add all the resources. Predatory animals roam around all day to find their prey, similar to it vegetarian animals also struggle each day and night for their protection.

A video is trending on social media. In which a cheetah attacked a deer to take its prey. When the deer was roaming along a road in the forest, it was attacked and caught by the cheetah. After that, the cheetah grabbed the deer's neck with its jaws. In the video, it can be seen that the cheetah is lying on the deer in the middle of the road and the cheetah has put his teeth in the deer's neck.

You can also see the deer constantly working hard to save his life. But the cheetah is not showing even a little mercy on its prey. the deer also moves its feet around to avoid the cheetah's grip, but cannot get rid of it. Hearing the deafening sound of deer in the video will surely tear you from your eyes. The cheetah stands up by holding the deer's neck and starts moving towards the bushes. Although this video is quite old. But recently this video has gone viral again, which has received more than 35 lakh 47 thousand times till now.



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