Birthday Special: Vikas Khanna, America's hottest chef, spent nights sleeping on roads and station
Birthday Special: Vikas Khanna, America's hottest chef, spent nights sleeping on roads and station

Today is the birthday of Vikas Khanna, born in Amritsar. He started working only at the age of 17 and he owns a restaurant called 'Junoon' in New York. He has also been awarded the Michelin Star Award for his restaurant. It is said that when he was born, there was a difference in his legs and he used to hide this difference the most. While all the children of the house used to play, he used to watch his grandmother cook and Vikas first opened a small banquet hall behind his house but he could not succeed in it and then he started many businesses. But all failed.

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At the same time, he said in an interview, "Once he was in the party and the light went out. He went to the roof to run the generator but it was shutting down again and again. Because of this, he was finding it very difficult, but suddenly everything went well. When he looked at the roof, he was surprised. His mother stood to hold the switch of the generator and at that time it was raining heavily. To this, his mother said, "I can't see my son failing." Once in his second interview, he told about his admission in college and he said, "He failed in the first two rounds but the interview was still pending."

The people present there mostly questioned him about the kitty party. The women there loved Chole Bhature and Kulche. In return, they used to give Rs 20 to Vikas. One day his Bhatura was not flowering and the oven was closed due to rain. All women were very angry but after this Vikas decided that he would open an air-conditioned restaurant and remove the problem of open roofs. I kept saying that I will definitely show you air-conditioned restaurants by opening it. He came out saying this. He was disappointed but suddenly the college principal was coming towards him and he gave him admission admiring the values of Vikas.

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He further told that 'When he went to America, he spent nights sleeping on the streets and station. The chefs used to tell him that they would cut off his hands. But Vikas did not back down and today he has not one but five Michelin Awards. Vikas has been hosting the show 'Master Chef' on Star Plus and during this show, he told that 'As a child, his grandmother used to make parathas in a small street in Amritsar and he used to sell it with his mother. In 2011, 'People magazine' declared Vikas the sexiest and America's hottest chef.

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