15 people raped an 11-year-old deaf girl for seven months

Feb 08 2020 02:40 PM
15 people raped an 11-year-old deaf girl for seven months

A new case of crime has emerged from Chennai. Indeed, a special court on Monday sentenced five of the 15 people convicted in the sensational case of raping an 11-year-old hearing-impaired girl for 7 months in Ayanavaram in the city. In this case, Judge R.R. N. Manjula sentenced 10 other accused to imprisonment for varying terms. According to reports, four of the five convicts who have been sentenced to life imprisonment will have to remain in jail till death.

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In this case, the judge sentenced Ravikumar (56), Suresh (32), Abhishek (23) and Palani (40) to life imprisonment till death while Rajasekharan (40) was sentenced to life imprisonment in which he was sentenced to death May be released from prison first. According to reports, one of the 10 convicts has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment and nine others to five years of rigorous imprisonment. In this case, the judge on Saturday convicted 15 of the 17 accused, while another one has been released. It is being told that the 17th accused has died during the trial.

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In this case, a deaf minor girl was sexually abused by 17 people and most of the accused in the incident at the Ayanavaram campus were plumbers, domestic servants, security guards and lift operators. In this case, it is being told that they all repeatedly sexually abused the girl for about seven months.

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