Chennai: Man gulps jewels worth Rs 1.45 lakh with biryani at friend’s Eid party
Chennai: Man gulps jewels worth Rs 1.45 lakh with biryani at friend’s Eid party

CHENNAI: Chennai police has recovered jewellery valued Rs. 1.45 lakh from the stomach of a man who swallowed it with biryani during the Eid celebrations at a friend's home on May 3.

Doctors gave him an enema to remove the jewellery from his stomach, according to police. A friend invited the man and his girlfriend to her house for Eid celebrations.  The host found that her residence was missing jewels worth Rs 1.45 lakh, including a diamond necklace, a gold chain, and a diamond pendant. She told police she thought the incident was committed by this 32-year-old man.

The woman filed a police report in Virugambakkam, and the man was interrogated, confessing to the crime. Doctors discovered the diamonds in his stomach after scanning him at a private medical facility, and he was given an enema to extract them.

The diamonds were found on Thursday, according to Virugambakkam police. The woman withdrew her complaint and stated that she did not wish to pursue the issue when the gems were retrieved. According to police, the man was inebriated at the Eid party.

The identity of the persons involved in the crime and the complainant could not be released, according to a senior officer with the Virugambakkam police station, because the woman had withdrawn the case.

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