Cheyenne Jackson talks about concealed hair transplant surgery for 17 years
Cheyenne Jackson talks about concealed hair transplant surgery for 17 years

Recently Cheyenne Jackson posted a post on Instagram. He wrote in his post, "I have been trying for this day for 17 years. The day when my terrible secret will be revealed. No, this wound on my head is not from life-saving brain surgery, nor I survived a shark attack. It's worse (at least in Hollywood ...) I had hair transplant surgery. "He further wrote," I have a monologue within. " There were reports about Cheyenne that he had undergone hair surgery, while he has now controlled himself.

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Recently he wrote, 'I have found it, but I am accepting, really, to know how much shame and concern I had in knowing about people for years.' He told, "I started losing my hair around 22 years old. My older brother was also bald, but the way Brewer was cooler and he did his shaving. It was really emotional for me that I would drop it. Look and I felt less attractive and actually less like myself. Days passed, so I survived and had my first surgery on 28. I hid it from everyone. It was painful and expensive but I feel better about myself I thought." Further, he told," As the years grew my hair thinner, I kept doing more procedures secretly and just praying that no one would know. Why? Why did I care so much? What does it say about me? "

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Not only this but Cheyenne also explained why he wanted to keep it secret. He told, 'Being an actor in an industry rewards all beauty. Due to this I vowed to keep it a secret forever. I think everybody is calling me an idiot, but this is my reality. As soon as someone came to know, he would deny my talent, or make me less valuable." He also said, 'At the beginning of every work, I secretly gather people with hair and makeup, Everyone talks a great deal about realigning my devastating truth but I don't care! ' Now many people are supporting Cheyenne at this time.

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