Chhath Pooja 2017: The four day of celebration began.
Chhath Pooja 2017: The four day of celebration began.

The biggest festival of Bihar and Jharkhand is celebrated with great fanfare across the country. This festival of four days starts from 'Chaturthi' of the Shukla Party of the Kartik month till the last date of 'Satyadee' and starts with 'Naahi-Khay'.

Early morning

At the morning on the fourth day, before reaching the sun, there is reaching the Ghats and the rising sun is given arghya. After this, Chhath Mata is worshiped and she is asked to give her a gift of protection. After returning home after returning home, after distributing Prasad in all, the virati himself open the fast by eating Prasad.


The 'Naive-Khay' opportunities make the pure vegetarian diet clean by thoroughly cleaning the house. On this day, the women of Vratis accept the offerings made of pumpkin and rice after bathing and worshiping.

Evening Arrival

On the third day, by keeping the sun shastra fast throughout the day, the sun gets sunk in the evening. On this day, it is believed to listen to the songs of the sixth mother and listen to a fast story at night.


From this day, 36 hours of dry days of women begin to flow, which ends after offering aromas to the rising sun. On this day, the women of Vratis fasting and bathing in the evening prepare the offerings of kheer made from roti and jaggery from the law and make offerings and worship the Lord Bhaskar. 

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