Bhilai: Angry father broke his daughter's nose for money

Nov 27 2019 09:41 AM
Bhilai: Angry father broke his daughter's nose for money

Raipur: In Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, a father was demanding money from his daughter for liquor. When the daughter did not give the money, he vented anger on the daughter. This case is of 14-year-old Aarti Sahu. She is a student of class 9th and lives in JP Nagar. She told that when she returned home after school on the incident day, at that time her mother (Kisan Bai) was away at work. Her mother works at a grocery store.

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According to media reports, the girl told that her father (Sonu Sahu) was at home. He is addicted to alcohol. He was still at home on the day of the incident after drinking alcohol. Seeing the daughter, the father asked her for money for liquor, but the daughter had no money. She refused to father. The daughter said that when the mother came to the house, then ask for money to her. The father got angry on this and scold her and then punched the daughter's nose.

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The daughter fell down on the ground unconscious with the father's strong punches. Her nose started bleeding. Even after this, the father's anger did not subside. He beat the daughter badly with wood. The neighbors rescued the child by listening to her voice. This information was given to the girl's mother and took the girl to the hospital. It was found that she had a fracture in her nose bone. However, in this case, the girl has now made a police complaint with her mother.

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