Chhattisgarh: Will lotus bloom once again in state?

Jun 03 2020 10:11 AM
Chhattisgarh: Will lotus bloom once again in state?

In the Indian state of Chhattisgarh, the party leadership has played bets on their organizational capability by handing over the command of the state BJP to Vishnudev Sai. In front of Vishnu, the challenge is to feed lotus, who was withering election after election. He has been made the state president of the party for the third time.

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After winning the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Vishnudev was made a minister in the first term of the Modi government. After becoming a minister, Vishnudev left the chair of the state president. Since then, the party has faced constant defeats. After leaving the presidency of Vishnudev, the BJP suffered a crushing defeat in the assembly elections held in the state. Only 15 MLAs of the party won the election. In the by-election this number was reduced to 14. Except for two ministers of the Raman government, Brijmohan Aggarwal and Ajay Chandrakar, all the heavyweights had lost the election. Party sweep in Bastar and Surguja became clear. In Jashpur, where BJP MLAs were on all three seats, Congress was captured.

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In the Lok Sabha elections held after the assembly elections, the command of the party was handed over to the tribal leader Vikram Usendi. Due to the charisma of PM Modi in the Lok Sabha elections, nine party MPs were able to win. The effect of victory of Lok Sabha elections does not last even six months. The party suffered a crushing defeat in the civic body and panchayat elections. For the first time after the formation of the state, the BJP could not succeed in making its Mayor in a single municipal corporation. In Korba Municipal Corporation, the mayor of Congress was elected even after the number was more in force. Similarly, the result of panchayat elections also did not come in favor of BJP. Since then, the discussion of the removal of outgoing state president Vikram Usendi from the post had started.

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