Young BJP leader who failed in love writes this in a suicide note

Raipur: young BJP leader has committed suicide. But people are surprised to know the reason for committing suicide. The young BJP leader decided to end his life around midnight. The suicide note received shows that he made the decision because he failed in an affair. Gopal Singh Rajput had recently started his political career through Bharatiya Janata Yuva morcha.

Gopal Singh also fell in love with a young woman. However, due to the failure of the love affair, he decided to commit suicide, which is written in the suicide note. Gopal Singh Rajput had dinner with his family at night before committing suicide. Then at night, he went to sleep in his room. When the door did not open for a long time in the morning, the brother of the deceased broke the door.  The entire family, including the brother, was stunned to see the picture inside. Gopal Singh had chopped his wrist. Police seized the body and rushed it for postmortem as soon as they came to know about the incident.

Police have recovered a suicide note written by Gopal Singh in his purse. He wrote in the letter, 'I am deciding to commit suicide because I cannot tolerate the failure of my love.' He writes that the risk we face in love puts an end to my life. The death of a young and good leader has created havoc in the family and society. Police have registered a case of suicide in the case and further action is being taken.

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