Chhattisgarh women MLA threatens IPS

Feb 15 2020 10:12 AM
Chhattisgarh women MLA threatens IPS

Balodabazar: In Chhattisgarh's Balodabazar district, a video of a dispute with a woman IPS officer of the ruling Congress party's female MLA is becoming viral on social media. At the same time, in this video, there is a fierce noise between the two. While the MLAs are seen favoring their workers, the IPS is arguing for their work under the rules and regulations. In the midst of this growing controversy, the MLA burst out with anger, in response, the lady IPS bluntly said that call wherever you want to. 

Angry villagers were demonstrating about compensation: It is also being said that the whole matter is on the night of Wednesday, 12 February 2020. A laborer working in a cement factory in Janha district died. At the same time, family and villagers were protesting for compensation. It is being told that Kasdol MLA Shakuntala Sahu also reached the spot with his supporters to get compensation to the laborer. People started shouting slogans against the manager. Trainee IPS Ankita Sharma arrived with the police force on the information of the movement. But during this time, angry villagers were protesting for compensation.

Threat to show position: It has also been learned that Ankita Sharma had asked for this, that the protest should be peaceful, no one should get hurt. The worker told this matter to MLA Shakuntala. On hearing this, MLA Shakuntala clashed with the IPS and threatened to show her status. On the threat, IPS said that I did not say anything wrong. At the same time, you cannot speak to a policeman in this way. I have come here to do my duty. I am talking to you politely and you are talking about showing me the position. Talk with whom you want to talk.

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