OMG: Garbage found in fuel tank of Boeing 737 Max jets in Chicago
OMG: Garbage found in fuel tank of Boeing 737 Max jets in Chicago

Chicago: Accidents are getting worse every day, in today's time people are becoming troublesome. Sometimes there is an accident, sometimes there is a victim of negligence. Many times it also happens that many problems arise due to ignoring the many functions of the government. During the inspection of Boeing 737 Max jets standing on the ground, garbage was found in the fuel tanks of 70% of the aircraft.

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According to the information, Boeing confirmed it on Saturday, 21 February 2020. It is also being said that 50 aircraft standing on the ground were inspected and out of these 35 inspectors found garbage in the tanks of the aircraft. These aircraft are part of a consignment of 400 aircraft manufactured last year that the company has not yet handed over to its airline customers.

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The company had stopped production of these aircraft last month when it was put on the ground after the crash of these planes in Indonesia and Ethiopia. Although the waste found in the fuel tanks has no connection with aircraft accidents, during the assembly of the aircraft, missing metal shavings, tools and other items in the aircraft may increase the risk of short circuit and fire.

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